Overloaded with this Cron message, any idea?

Does anyone in the forums know what this error message means?
My Gmail has been inundated with 10,000 messages in one week!

In Job.class.php line 264:

class_implements(): Class FreePBX\modules\Endpoint\Job does not exist and c
ould not be loaded

job [–enable ENABLE] [–disable DISABLE] [–run [RUN]] [–list] [–force]

What do they mean? How do I make them stop?

Uninstall and reinstall the endpoint manager module.

If this doesn’t work, uninstall, take a full backup and restore to a new install. This is what I had to do a couple of months ago.

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@nortelvoip, I think that this is the only course of action. I had restored a backup from 27 days ago. That backup works perfectly, meaning, that the issues I report in this thread isn’t manifesting. As soon as I upgrade FreePBX to the latest version, hell breaks loose.

@comtech, I did uninstall EPM and reinstall it. It was to no avail.

I think that this is a serious bug. Yet, I haven’t see anyone complain about it.

Am I the only one seeing this problem?

For now, I won’t upgrade my FreePBX systems and freeze it here.

When this happened on one of my systems it was the SmartOffice app causing it (which we don’t use). I had to do a fresh install, then restore from a backup. I was able to run updates though. Sangoma’s response in a forum was to update my cron file, which I did but still received the emails every minute. So that’s when I reinstalled.

@nortelvoip : it seems too drastic of a move. I would have to ask Sangoma to reset my deployment ID again to do this. If no one else has any other suggestions, I’ll resign and being with a brand new install and restore a backup. sighs

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