Overlaying of MoH and ringback tone on call transfer

I have a problem with some legacy FreePBX host.
On incoming call, the PBX plays a greeting according to “Music on Hold Class” for queue.
Agent answers and performs blind transfer to another extension.
Immediately at this moment, the caller hears the beginning of the initial greeting message (once again!), which is interrupted after 1-2 seconds by correct standard ringback tone.
What may be the problem with our setup?

There isn’t a problem with your setup, when they press “transfer” the caller gets placed on hold, and the system starts playing MOH, as soon as the call actually gets transferred, the call is no longer on hold and the caller hears a ringback tone.

Sounds reasonable, thank you. But how can I suppress MOH before the call actually gets transferred?

If you setup blind transfer BLF keys. Or if you use FOP2.
There might be other ways how to do it, but not something I’m aware of.

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