Outside access to conferences

Use case: Users want conference calls which outsiders can call into and participate.

Using the Conferences app in FreePBX, what’s a good way to do this?

Currently, I have it working by having an option in the main DID IVR linked to a Directory called Conferences with the different conference “rooms” listed with their “extension” numbers. This works, but it is not great because the Directory prompts the caller to enter the first 3 letters of “:the person’s name”. This is confusing for callers wanting to go into a conference.

The paid Conferences Pro module automatically generates an IVR of conferences for you:

What I did was got a DID just for conferences and send the call to the Conferences module. Adding the Pro module gives you an IVR, but I don’t normally need that.

Thanks, Lorne. I bought the Pro module and it’s doing what I wanted. I’m running FreePBX v13. The Pro module lists the numbers of the conferences I created in the Conferences app. However the “Name” of the conferences in the Pro module is blank. None of the fields in the Conferences app populates the name field in the Pro module and I cannot edit the entry in the Pro module to name it. It’s not essential, but what am I missing?