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Outlook pop-ups with Zulu on FreePBX 14 in 2019

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(Jerry Riggin) #1

I have a client on FreePBX 14 that has seen Sangoma promo and wants MS Outlook 365 contact to pop up on inbound call. The sales slicks make this look like a breeze but I have been unable to accomplish it. I’ve seen all the posts from 2017 that say Client 2.0 will do it, and Server 3.0 will handle 2.0, per wiki:

  • In conjunction with the release of Zulu 3 UC, Sangoma will cease support for Zulu 2 on or around July 31, 2018 . When that occurs, we will update the info on this page.

Since that was almost a year ago, I’m wondering if Client 2.0 support is no long included with Server 3 because I can connect the 3.0 client to server 3 but not the 2.0 client that works with Office 365 plugin.

So my question is: Is anyone getting Outlook pop-ups with Zulu on FreePBX 14, and if so what component versions do you use to make it work?