Outlook Integration (Free/Busy Status)

So I have done my fair share of forum searches and Googling. Thus far I have found little to no information on Free/Busy integrations. I have however found a bunch of very well written documents on integrating click-to-dial for Outlook. What I am looking for is a similar outcome/feature to what Avaya and Shoretel (now Mitel) have. They have a connector/connection of sorts which allows for Outlook’s calendar status to be mapped/connected to the phone systems statuses.


Per the image if I book a meeting and I am showing as Busy I want my phone to say Busy or Not Available…Now I understand that I might not have such a clean or elegant option for FreePBX but I’d hope to have a solution which would at least allow me to connect these two “statuses” somehow.

Has anyone found a solution to accomplish this?


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