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Hello Guys i am new here. hoping to find help here.

i have freepbx in company and inbound ivr is working perfectly. but right now i want to set up IVR for outgoing calls . so that when some one answers the phone he/she hears IVR first and then agent is connected to them. how it is possible ?

You could use Misc Destination for one of the options on the IVR so that if they want to speak to a representative, then they can press that number and it will forward them to the misc destination.

But if you’re talking about detecting a phone number for the first time and automatically forward them to an external call, then you got me.

Edit1: I re-read the question, and i think i may have misunderstood. So you would set up the IVR so that it plays the recorded message first, and at the end, you would set up the ‘timeout destination’ so that it goes to an agent. You could then use misc destination to go outbound assuming it’s an external number. Otherwise, you could use an extension and the number of the agent.

is Misc Destination working on Freepbx 17?
I didnot find Misc Destination in module admin

Assuming that you did Check Online and tried Edge, probably not.
But there are many ways to do similar things: Virtual Extension with call forwarding or Follow Me, Custom Extension, Ring Group with one entry, etc.

It’s under Applications.
But you could also try typing it in manually:

Not running version 17, so i’m unaware if they had taken this out.

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