Outgoing registration status “Unregistered” after apply config

I have configured SIP trunk with registration.
Everything was working fine till some other configuration changed and configuration apply (sip reload). Then outgoing registration got status “Unregistered” and I can make calls. When I run “amportal restart” or system reboot, SIP registration come back to status “Registered” and everything works fine.
SIP trunk was configured with my provider thru L3VPN tunnel, and because that there is no NAT between.

I was just make a new instalation of AsteriskNow 6.12.65 (64-bit) and configure from begining, adn I have same problem.

Registration string is: [email protected]:PASSWORD:[email protected]:5060/PBX011DXXXX000

Asterisk ver. 11.21.2

Chan_Sip Registry
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time
109.245.XXX.XXX:5060 N PBXXXXXXX 120 Unregistered
1 SIP registrations.

On manual sip reload (module relaod chan_sip.so):
WARNING[35988]: sip/config_parser.c:106 sip_parse_register_line: Format for registration is [peer?][transport://]user[@domain][:secret[:authuser]]@host[:port][/extension][~expiry] at line 10

WARNING[35988]: sched.c:489 sched_settime: Bug likely: Negative time interval -34284 (interpreted as 4294933012 ms) requested!

Thanks in advance!