Outgoing CID to T-Mobile - something adds "+" and shows egypt as source of the call

I have a FreePBX install. Module Admin, the dashboard, and the CLI login flash say everything is updated. I have the CallerID managment module.

I have set outgoing callerID on the Trunk to be <2084441234>, but using the actual number I want.
When I call my home phone, landline, Centurylink, it works perfectly.
When I call my spouse’s cell phone, AT&T, it works perfectly.
When I call my cell phone, T-Mobile, it shows as coming from Egypt as “+20 84 441 234”. Approximately 1 out of 20 times it works perfectly.

When I use CallerID management, same result. I have two numbers programmed. It doesn’t matter which I pass out.

Any suggestions? Besides do not call T-Mobile customers.

Thank you.

FWIW, I’ve had a similar problem with Verizon recently. In my case I’m in area code 937 so it shows up as 1+937xxxx-xxxx. I keep getting a warning that I’m calling Afghanistan (country code 93).

I think the cell companies much be making some sort of transition and adding a 1+ in front of the numbers. I get it on some calls, and not on others. Maybe it’s because of the inconsistency between land lines where 1+ was used for long distance, and cells, where you just dial the AC and number.

Not sure this helps you but I wanted to share my experience with a similar, or same issue. It may not be a FreePBX issue at all.

Thank you. I’m far from an expert on FreePBX. Its much easier to assume I’ve done something wrong than believe that it is outside my control.

At the moment, without changing anything, its working. We’ll see about a few hours from now.