Outgoing Caller-ID on Asterisk 1.8 PBX

      Two weeks ago I set my PBX in order to deliver different Caller-ID using "Outbound Routes" option. I defined "#5" and "#6" like prefixes to deliver 2 different Caller-IDs. I verified with my Trunk Carrier and my PBX is enabled to send different Caller-IDs, I could send the Caller-IDs without problems for 3 or 4 days, after the 3rd or 4th day, every time I make a call from the PBX to my mobile, I receive the master phone number for our SIP +1 (416) XXX.XX.XX as Caller-ID.

      Of course the "CID Options" parameter in the TRUNK section is set to "Allow any CID". In my tests, I modified "CID Options" to the option "Force Trunk CID" in order to deliver a "TEST Caller-ID" and I received the phone number +1 (416) XXX.XX.XX in my mobile as well. In another test, I set my Extension as a "Emergency CID", but I received the phone number +1 (416) XXX.XX.XX in my mobile as well. I mean, it does not matter what I configure as Caller-ID, I receive +1 (416) XXX.XX.XX. I made a test with our Carrier in order to validate what the Carrier is receiving as Caller-ID from my PBX and the LOG showed my PBX always sends as Caller ID:  +1 (416) XXX.XX.XX

      Any suggestion? What do I need to check in my environment?




think I have the same problem. No outgoing callerid after upgrade.