Outgoing call - incoming fax gets dropped

I have the most recent FreePBX (updated) and asterisk- on a Centos 6 i686 server.

Here’s the problem.

When I do an outgoing call to an external recipient, then that recipient tries to send me a fax (it would be incoming fax) - my call gets dropped because the system takes care of it, and his fax also gets dropped because there’s no default destination for fax.

chan_sip.c: == Redirecting %%%%%%%% to fax extension due to CNG detection

But there’s no fax extension number so the call gets dropped.

If I do an outgoing call, it’s ok.

chan_sip.c: FAX CNG detected but no fax extension

When I got an incoming call, it’s also ok. But when I got an outgoing call AND incoming fax, the call gets dropped. It is fixed by ‘faxdetect=no’ in sip.conf, but it’s not what I’d like to get - some extensions are softphones and can’t receive faxes.

Do I have a configuration issue or there’s a bug somewhere?

Best regards,
Dmitry Mikhailov