Outgoing call from log phone is internal for some reason

[2020-07-02 12:40:00] NOTICE[29332]: res_pjsip_session.c:3159 new_invite: Call from '203' (UDP:[IP]:5060) to extension '+31[NUMBER]' rejected because extension not found in context 'from-internal'.

For some reason whenever i call someone from the phone log (Panasonic KX HDV230). Freepbx thinks its calling an internal number, which of course does not exists.

Bit confused atm and no idea where to start looking.

That’s not correct; from-internal means that the call is being made from an internal device, which it is.

The problem is likely that on incoming calls, your provider sends caller ID as e.g. +31202345678 and your system passes that directly to the phone. When calling out, you would normally dial 0202345678 (which your PBX converts to whatever the provider expects). The +31202345678 doesn’t match any Outbound Route so the call fails.

The simple fix is to add entries to your Outbound Routes to permit dialing +31202345678 (and if needed, rewrite to the format the provider accepts), in addition to whatever formats are accepted now.

A better solution for the long term is to convert all numbers (incoming caller ID and called number, outbound caller ID and called number) to the same consistent format.

rejected because extension not found in context

I came to that conclusion because of this part. Since its trying to reach an non-existent extension.
And yes, you are correct. After setting up the outbound dial plan to include +X. it now works.

The provider accepts everything so there is no need for me to convert. And since we get call from other countries its something i have to leave it like this.

When we get called we receive it as +31 anyway. I just programmed the phonebooks with 0044 and such as i did not know how to add the + with the Panasonic :smiley: So it only came up after we used the log to call back :blush:
Never to old to learn. Thanks for pointing me the correct way.

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