Outgoing call ends with cause busy


Thank you. So my OBi trunk on freepbx isobi
Do you think anything wrong with this ? or do I need to change the settings on Polycom?
I really appreciate your time on this.

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I’m not sure that your configuration on the server is right or wrong, but I’d guess that something in the config messed up. The port=5160 looks a little suspicious. Also, if this is a local device, is it really required to log in with username and password? That’s a real question - I have no idea.

Is the OBI in your local network? If so, what is it connecting to?


So in my chan_sip configuration the port is 5160, that’s why here it’s 5160. And, username is nothing but the defaultuser(obi200).
Yes, the OBI is in the local network, it’s connected to router(ethernet).

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No, your posted config is specifying that the port on the OBI is 5160. Is that true? Are you using port 5160 on the OBI for your SIP connection?


Yes, I am using port 5160 for SIP connection.

With the same configuration, it was working. But after the encrypt certificate update, it stopped working (says busy).

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This is the 25th message in this thread and now you decide to mention that your system stopped working at a certificate update?

Sorry - I’m finished. You’ve wasted enough of my time.


I apologize for wasting your time. In one post, I mentioned, but no one responded and talked about that, so I thought it might not be the problem.
Again, Sorry! and Thank you for your time.

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