Outbount calls to own pstn number

Dear all,
I have not posted allot here, but now i have maibe something that could be (if it is not allready) included into a standard install.

Lately I notissed more and more internal extensions that call to our own pst numbers.

ex: Our pstn number is 1234567 and from extention 3333 they dial 1234567 and therefore call into our own line via the outside line and received by our office at number 2323. (This uses an outbound route and then an inbound route.)

How can i make it that, when there is an internal extention that calls our own pstn nr 1234567, the call is emediatly rerouted to the offise at number 2323 and not via the outside lines.

Thank you,

Create a feature code using misc. application with the same number as your external DID. Feature code will supersede external numbers.

The only way I can think of doing it requires an entry for each of your local numbers. You could use misc applications. You’d put the the pstn number in the feature code field and point it to the desired extension.

You could also create a custom extension making the pstn number the extension number and putting
Local/[email protected] in the custom dial field. Both of these will do the trick, but are labor intensive, requiring an entry for each extension.


Thank you, that’s both quick and clean.

You mean for each DID. Also, unless the called extension is specific to a particular DID, the “[email protected]” could be “7777” in the misc features solution or “[email protected]” for the custom extension solution.

Thank you all, But i could not accomplish it.

I try to understand how to do it. The only thing that i need is that no extension can dial out to our own external pstn number while stil to be able to call othere numbers. if they do dial that number, they should be redirected to our central office.

infact some filter in the phone rout that filters disallows our own external number and replace it with our central office number.

Sory that I do not know more of it.

“Could not” ? Why ?

Go to the misc applications.
Put 1234567 in the feature code box.
Select 2323 as the destination.

For each inbound number, do the same thing.
Put that inbound number in the feature code box.
Put the target extension in the destination box.

Or…you could train your users on the right way to do things.
(Wouldn’t administering a phone system be fun if you didn’t have to put up with users.:wink:


Dear Bill, It works great,
on your first post I did the same, but it was not working du to the fact that Michelanious aplications whre blocked in custom context on my test phone.
By triing to do it again after previous post, I found that it worked from some extensions and not from others. As soon as i cleared that deny in custom contexts, it worked verry well.

Again, Thank you,
and thank you all.