Outboundd route selected by extensionc

i want to enable Extensions to select wich Outbound Route use.
An example: my collegue Maria want to a call an external user using Outbound Trunk n.1. In other cases Maria want to call another external user using Outbound Trunk n.2 (which have another number also trunk 1). Freepbx permit me to set this? I was talinkg about using a prefix or a Code Admin.

Thank you all.

You can do that in the outbound routes. Here you’ll find some good instructions:

Does the configuration have to be like this?

It doesn’t work for me.

In the first picture on the right side you typed the outbound caller id. But this needs to be the extension number if you want to use it.

I would like to dial 1 to make a call with a trunk and dial 2 to exit with another trunk.

How can I do?

I would assume you wanted Outbound Routes Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation

  1. Make two outbound routes. Outbound route 1 and trunk 1, outbound route 2 and trunk 2.
  2. In outbound route 1 you set (0039)1|[.X/]
  3. In outbound route 2 you set (0039)2|[.X/]

Don’t put anything in the last edit field unless you want to decide between your different extensions.

Also you should really reconsider your choice with 1 and 2. If someone wants to call police or ambulance, this could get tricky, because you won’t get through.

Ok it works. :slight_smile:
if i want to use route 1 as predefined so i wont to insert prefix, and use only (0039)2|[.X/] when i want to use the route 2 it’s possible?

Thank you all

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