Outbound voice drops after 10 minutes

I have a client with 3 locations. Previously running AAH, and most recent Elastix. i replaced with the latest version of FreePBX at one location, the other two locations still have Elastix. For all calls - if they hit the 10 minute mark, the outbound voice goes silent. the call does not drop, and the employee can still hear the caller, but the caller cannot hear them. I made no firewall changes, and the configs are the same for the firewalls at the other two locations (no SIP alg, or anything like that, no firewall rules other than factory, no VLANs). They are all Comcast SIP on Ubiquiti DMP edge devices. i have other clients, with new FreePBX, on a DMP and Comcast SIP - no issues… Any ideas on what I might be missing? Ive been Googling for several weeks checking settings and “trying things” and nothing is affecting this. So, hopefully you experts have something I might have missed. Ive gone over the logs and cant even see what is happening, except when they give up and hang up. This is out of the box distro - no config file changes - endpoint manager and sysadmin pro modules…

Not sure if this helps - I found a peer that has the same exact problem - same exact scenario. he says he saw in the logs that Comcast is issuing a “reinvite” after 10 minutes from their end to a different port. Since we have reinvite set to “no” asterisk ignores it. thoughts? he says Comcast is saying its not their problem, so we have to “prove” it is them. i dont see that in my logs, maybe im not debugging verbose enough? Im a little out over my skis here, so any help is appreciated.

Replicate the issues with SIP debugging on and provide a complete log of the call.

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