Outbound trunk selection based on extension?

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Is FreePBX able to route outgoing calls to a particular trunk based on the SIP extension that is placing the call? The only way I can see to do it is to select the trunks using different dialling prefixes, which is clumsy and doesn’t gaurantee each extension is using the correct trunk. Surely there is a way to do it by SIP extension.

so what i want is that
if 4XX extension calls then trunk ABC should be used
if 3XX extension calls then any available trunk can be used

Thanks in advance.

Class Of Service module handles this nicely

This doesnt pick a trunk. It picks on outbound route.

You would create different outbound routes that use different trunks, no?

Correct and you can filter the route by endpoint caller id. So you make an outbound route that matches the outbound pattern, set callerid to match callerid pattern, point to trunk(s).

Extension Routing Module:

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Create an Outbound Route that uses trunk ABC, has the same dial patterns as your regular route and has 4XX in the CallerID field. Put this route higher in the list than your regular route, but after any Emergency routes.

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the CID field is of the dial pattern sub menu…right??

No. It’s the CID pattern of the extension dialing the number. If your extensions are in the 300 range for example you can specify an exact extension like 325 or you can do a range with 3XX and it will match the pattern to the extension that’s dialing the number.

This sounds like you are trying to do multi-tenant. FreePBX isn’t intended for multi-tenant. Sangoma’s Switchvox, reportedly, is.

Also VitalPBX and FusionPBX (FreeSwitch).

FreeSwitch has a completely different architecture from Asterisk, and, as I understand it, fits in more at the Asterisk level, i.e. a toolbox, rather than the PBX end product.

@mahbell had FusionPBX with freeswitch parenthetically, it is a full fledged voip PBX based on Freeswitch , but consider it Freemium, much like Sangoma’s distro.

But yes, it is truly multi-tenant.

Without the paywall, it is more than competitive with open source FreePBX, you will need tight control over your DNS though

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That’s where FusionPBX comes in, but with the caveats @dicko outlines.

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