Outbound Trunk Hamshack Hotline

Good Morning all, I have a freepbx phone system running at home V15
I have Hamshack Hotline setup and has been working great up until hurican Fiona hit. Eventually lost power for 5 days and battery backup systems whet down. Once I rebooted my systems when power was resorted I noticed Hamshack hotline was no longer dialing out, I get in coming calls no problem. All other Trunks work in and out ie my Obi110 trunk to an incoming line. I have setup according to settings here: kb:iax:trunk.info [Hamshack Hotline Wiki]
as I did in the beginning and it worked. I even deleted all entries in free pbx and saved, rebooted and reloaded all settings and no change. I dial out on hamshack hotline and there is a long delay followed by “all circuits are busy now”
This is some of the errors I see in log files:
15229 [2022-10-15 15:00:33] VERBOSE[5379][C-00000001] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:27] Dial(“SIP/201-00000000”, “IAX2/6100000XXX_out/6100000XXX,300,Tb(func-apply-sipheaders^s^1,(4))U(sub-send-obroute-email^6100000XXX^86100000XXX^4^1665842429^^6100000XXX)”) in new stack
15230 [2022-10-15 15:00:33] ERROR[5379][C-00000001] netsock2.c: Unknown address family ‘0’.
15231 [2022-10-15 15:00:33] ERROR[5379][C-00000001] netsock2.c: Unknown address family ‘0’.

Dose anyone have any suggestions for me to try?

Thank You


Based on information I found on another user group, When this happens there seems to be no way to fix the issue other than to do a full system rebuild. Load a new image and then set up freepbx again and all will work again…

I did just that and now everything is working again, could not pin point any particular issue or what setting had changed to cause this problem

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