Outbound Routing Based on PRI CALL Load

We route all of our local phone calls over our PRI, and long distance over SIP trunks.
All inbound calls come in over PRI. Local calls roll over to SIP trunks.

Would like to implement the following outbound call routing

If (total active calls on PRI > X) {
Route all outbound traffic over SIP trunks // Leave open PRI channels for inbound
else {
Use standard dialing plan //Local over PRI, LD over SIP

Any ideas? I see I can limit the number of outbound calls on a the PRI, but I want to limit outbound based on total usage.

Bob Roswell

I think I would do this strategy by creating two groups. I assume you currently have a group g0 with all the analog channels in it, split the channels between groups g0 and g1 and only use one of these groups as a trunk for outbound local calling. It should have no effect on inbound calls. And you have the added bonus of being able to place both groups in your emergency outbound route.

That said, I think this would only be a least cost strategy if the volume of outbound local calls consistently exceeds inbound calls.