Outbound Routes


I don’t know if anyone ever face this my situation before but I will describe it like this.
I have a box running freebpx and 12 extensions, I am asked to create two different routes for the same trunk, one route will have a password and another one no password so that the administrator can directly dial out without having to enter the password each time they dial out.
Can someone provide me with some help on how to achieve this.

Thank you!

Use the CID field in the route, put in the internal extension number in the CID field and make a route for the administrator and a route for everyone else.

Put the route for the administrator first or it will never get hit.

Not working

Nobody has an Idea about how I can achieve it.

If it’s not working you did not do it right.

If the more generic route is ahead of the CID routes they will never be parsed.

I have the regular outgoing route that requires everyone to enter a password in order to access the outside line, I created a vip outbound route without password, I place it before the one that requires a password, still it doesn’t work, I may have done something wrong, please help

Exactly what do you mean not working?


I’m using the commercial version of FreePbx, but I have a checkbox on the extension setup page for “pinless Dialing”.

There is the “Extension Routing” module available free from Schmoozecom which allows you to select which routes can be accessed by various extensions…



That would solve my problem if i could download it, but i find no download link on the page.

Thank you

You have to register your system and sign up for a portal account. You then add it from the module admin page.

See: http://www.freepbx.org/commercial-modules