Outbound Routes, Only priority route being considered

I am new to this forum though I have been with Asterisk and FreePBX for over 2 years.
I have a strange problem

I created four (4) outbound routes for various destinations. When I created the first route, I tested and it worked just fine. I created the second and similarly it worked but I noted that the first one which now was on priority two was not working. I moved it back to priority one and it worked.
By the time I was finishing the four routes, I discovered that calls only pass through the first outbound route even those that do not have a match in the priority route.
I need to say that the dial patterns in all the routes are very different.
I have tried to be very specific in the dial pattern and here they are:

Route 1: (VoIP carrier)
000. (for international calls)
030783XXXX ( for one of the local sip trunks)

Route 2(to mobile network Carrier A)

Route (to mobile carrier B)

Route 3(to fixed line Carrier C)

I an using FreePBX

In summary, routes 2,3,4 are being ignored but if I change say route 3 and place it as the first priority, calls to route 3 go through.
Your experience and resourceful minds are kindly requested to provide some ideas.