Outbound routes all showing the Same caller ID?

Hello i have setup with Verizon a Hunt group. They all have different caller id numbers. Is it possible to show no matter what line I’m outbounding on that it will display all the same my main number?

Let me Explain my Setup. I have a older PBX system it has FreePBX I know it is a older verison and I’m soon to upgrade but sense I never had no problem with it I left it alone.

For my phone lines coming in i have a Grandstream GXW4104 4 port FXO gateway. I have verizon analong lines. So i use that to send to my freepbx server.

I’m just wondering if this is possible to do this on the outbound calling?


The provider sets the CallerID on analog lines. This is a question for them.

Hello Igaetz. I have tired to ask Verizon, they said they have no way of changing the caller id for the phone numbers.


Then that ends the conversation. You can certainly use another provider for outbound calling, in which case you choose one that supports whatever CID you want.

I could do that. But then again I’m grandfather in so i get a low rate price on each line i only pay for umlimited calling of 12 dollars.


Verizon (or any analog provider) doesn’t provide a CallerID, it assigns a ‘Telephone Number’ to each analog pair, If they provide a Hunt Group, there was once a way to arrange for all your lines to announce the ‘pilot number’ of t the HG not the individual line Telephone Number’ but that was done at the CO ( Central Office) . Unfortunately all those engineers that could do that for you are now dead or retired. I suggest you migrate your numbers to a competant SIP provider

Hey Dicko, Thank you for that information. It use to be all displaying one number into the account was lost and had to restart a new account. Thank god that was 10 years ago and grandfather in they keep asking to upgrade my internet and phone lines to get a better deal. But i be paying the same account and internet increase is only 10% faster. I don’t need it. I’m happy with what i have. I just need to figure out how to fix this problem. I’m looking into maybe Going digital lines. But again the cost is a lot. Sense this is home base business. going from 12 dollars a month to 25 dollars or more plus minute cost I’m seeing in a lot of these.


You have my deepest sympathies but you won’t be able to fix the problem, Only Verizon can fix but they have apparently lost that recipe.

You can say that again. Even the Lady on the phone was rude as heck. She said at the end wait for a short servey to let them know how she done. So i have a real nice one for her Respectfully lol.

My uncle to use work for verizon and i have never saw this many problems into the past 15 years with this company. Well i hope i can do something coon. Thank you all again for the help and understanding as well as the information. Have a good one.


Though you have a great deal from Verizon, a SIP trunk would likely cost much less.

On average, what is your total monthly Verizon bill, including taxes and fees? What is your estimated monthly minutes usage, incoming and outgoing?

But unlimited! ZOMG! So many times I have this conversation.

Taxes and fees i only pay around $200 to 210 dollars maybe I forgot right now I don’t have my bill with me. That is including 6 phone lines and internet. Plus i get a credit back each month of 10 dollars.


discounting calls, you can probably reduce 6 DID’s to < $5 per month per minute, you should be easily able to find half a cent a minute there is rarely a reason to buy “unlimited” service

5g from TMobile (PERHAPS vERIZON) or skylink gets you +100Mbs for less than $101 PER MONTH

Hello Dicko. I don’t pay per minute. And i get Canada free and as well as mexico which i don’t call. is LOL.


Actually you do pay per-minute, take your monthly cost and divide by your minutes per month usage


Another thing is Power out and i can still make call with a small emergercy phone I keep handy. I’m happy with what i have only problem is this caller ID problem.


I don’t know how you use the two phone lines that are not part of the hunt group; I’m assuming (for example) that one is a home number and the other is a fax line.

One possibility: Keep the analog fax line. It will also serve your alarm, your emergency phone, and a forwarding destination for when your PBX, power or internet connection fails. Port the home number and the main business number to VoIP. When the port completes, the two ported numbers should automatically cancel at Verizon; call them to cancel the three remaining hunt group numbers.

When you tell us about the bill and your approximate usage, we can choose a suitable provider and estimate your savings.

Hello yes there is a hunt group. there are 6 lines. I don’t have a fax no more that is mostly a app now on my phone. I don’t need to change my provider. My problem is the caller ID. If i cannot do that then I’m okay with sticking what i have.


So how are the other two lines used? Are they really in the hunt group?

consider yourself stuck behind Verizon