Outbound Route Web GUI Anomaly

I had a hard drive issue and had to do an fsck on my unmounted filesystem and errors were found and repaired. I have had no issues with my freepbx 10.13.66-10 distro other than I discovered an issue with the Outbound Routes web gui config page.

All of a sudden when I view the page and go to edit a route, I have an outgoing CID, which is ‘admin’, and a password set which when I view it, unmask it, it is my admin password when I log into the GUI!

If I delete those entries, update and reload, it comes back every time, yet nothing seems to be saved in the route as it works ok. However, I did find it because this route wasn’t working initially after the repair. Deleting those entries and updating, reloading fixed the issue, but they still appear in the GUI!

An thoughts on how or where to look to see if I can get rid of this ghost? Remember, there is no route password set and no outbound CID of “admin” set.



Your browser is automatically filling this in.

I feel SOOO… stupid… Yep. Somehow that got saved in firefox.

Now to hijack my thread…

One last question…is it common to see MYSQL gone away in the asterisk log?

Nope. You might need to do some troubleshooting on your MySQL databases.

I recall a simplish way to do a mass database repair, but I don’t remember any details.

Check the status of the various tables in your MySQL database(s) and “repair” the ones that are damaged.

I should have mentioned that I did a check on the specific table asteriskcdrdb, and all of the tables and no problems were found.

And still, before a call, this occurs routinely. I checked again and still the database and all tables come back ok.

Thanks and more thoughts are welcome!


This is wrong. Yes it’s normal. MySQL won’t keep connections open for eternity. What Asterisk is doing there is normal.

Thanks Andrew! Not sure why I never noticed it before but you have been a God send!