Outbound Route Notifications - additional variables?

specifically targetting Kari’s Law and the Ray Baums Act,
we are trying to set up the freepbx Outbound Route notifications tool, which works well.

However, there seems to be a lack of documentation around what variables exist.

The default variables seem to include:
Called number: {{DIALEDNUMBER}}
Call Time: {{MONTH}}-{{DAY}}-{{YEAR}} {{TIMEAMPM}} {{TZSHORT}}
Caller: {{CALLERALL}}
Outbound Route: {{ROUTENAME}}

Is there documentation / a list somewhere of these variables, and any additional?

My goal at the end of the day is to retrieve the IP Address of the registered endpoint that made the call.

We track physical location by the IP Address, so catching 911 calls and passing this data would be very helpful in our safety plan.

for reference… it appears this is a fairly limited* set of commands.

in the Help section of Email Subject, on the same page, we find:
Saving with a blank value will restore the default.
Available Variables for Email Subject and Body:
{{CALLUID}} - Call’s Unique ID
{{ROUTENAME}} - Outbound Route’s name
{{DIALEDNUMBER}} - Destination number as it will be sent to the trunk
{{DIALEDNUMBERRAW}} - Destination number as it was dialed
{{CALLERNAME}} - Caller’s name
{{CALLERNUMBER}} - Caller’s number
{{OUTGOINGCALLERIDNAME}} - Outgoing CallerID name
{{OUTGOINGCALLERIDNUMBER}} - Outgoing CallerID number
{{TRUNKNAME}} - Trunk name
{{MONTH}} - 2 digit month
{{DAY}} - 2 digit day
{{YEAR}} - 4 digit year
{{TIME}} - example: 17:30:00
{{TIMEAMPM}} - example: 5:30:00 PM
{{TZFULL}} - Full Timezone. ex. America/New_York
{{TZSHORT}} - Short Timezone. ex. UTC, PST, +12

What exact info are you missing? This is essentially all of the channel data.

ideally, i would like to get the FROM of the call to that trunk ( extension @ ip)

as stated - the IP gives me the physical location of the phone, which is useful when tracking 911 calls.

You can lookup the ip with database lookup of SiP/Registry/${CALLERNUMBER}

i Can, but is that something i can call directly in the Notifications section of an outbound route?

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