Outbound route not being used?

Trying to get outbound route extension block working on a particular route.
Have an outbound route for toll-free. It consists of
and then same with a prepend of 1 so callers do not have to press 1.

prepend match

Add one extension to blocked extensions. Dial a toll free number using the extension in the blocked extension list and call goes through normally. Also tried adding a pin set to the toll-free route, doesn’t ask for PIN.

Add same extension to outbound route blocked extensions for North America.
The call is blocked. When PIN set is added, freepbx asks for pin.
This route has:
Prepend Match

It’s obvious there is nothing wrong with FreePBX. The question is, why would the toll free route not be used when the north america route is at bottom of the list? Tried moving the toll-free outbound route to top of list. Still ignored.

include => outbound-allroutes-custom
include => outrt-28 ; Emergency
include => outrt-29 ; SXM
include => outrt-14 ; Caribbean
include => outrt-6 ; FAX-Outbound
include => outrt-2 ; Toll-free
include => outrt-9 ; Intl-FAX
include => outrt-30 ; International
include => outrt-27 ; North America
exten => foo,1,Noop(bar)

Thanks for your help!

Make a test call and post the log file for us?

Tried deleting the outbound route and recreating it. Used the Dial Patterns Wizards to create the dial patterns. Added my extension to blocked extensions column in Additional Settings. Calls placed are not blocked.