Outbound route dial plan for two different area codes


I have users in two different area codes. Is there a way i can set it up so each can dial out 1203NXXXXXX, and 1201NXXXXXX respectively using 7 digit number based on hunt group? extension? DID?

You could use the Extension Routing module or the Class of Service module to do this. You would make 2 route, one for 203 and one for 201. Each route would have a 7 digit dial pattern that prepends the area code.

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Thanks Alan. Extension routing is a free module right ? I have it enabled and updated to the latest but when i go to edit one of the extensions I don’t see the options for it.

Extension Routes 12.0.6

There’s a link in module admin under Extension Routing to Obtain a free license but it just links to http://schmoozecom.com/extension-routing.php.

I remember the earlier version was giving me some problems so i disabled this module. Then applied the latest update and enabled it however i don’t see any Extension Routing options any under user’s extension


I had to go to Shmooze.com store and add the module to my deployment. Thanks!

Now the Extension Routes module is Licensed + i can achieve what i’ve asked in the OP. two different users can dial out 7 digit local # using two different outbound routes with the corresponding dial plans. thanks!