Outbound Route Dial Patterns


I have 2 outbound routes configured pointing to 2 different places. In the first one I have a Dial Pattern of X. which of course matches pretty much everything, but in the second outbound route I have a dial pattern of 01234456789.

I was hoping anyone dialing 01234456789 would go through the 2nd outbound route, but it seems that X. is matching, and it’s taking the first Outbound Route.

How do I set it up so all dialed numbers (i.e. X.) go through route one, except 01234456789 which goes through route 2?

(Greg Kujawa) #2

What if you just flipped the order? The most restrictive one first, being 01234456789. Then secondly the “catch-all.” https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Pattern+Matching

(Andrew) #3

Rules will process top to bottom so it will process through the first match, in your case being X. Just swap the priority.

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