Outbound Route CallerID not presenting on Blind Transfer

Hi team, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Have searched the forums furiously before posting but no luck.

I’m trying to do a simple blind transfer of an incoming external call. I’m aware that at a telco level it would not permit this as is, as the callers CID would be presented as the CID for the transfer call, which is external and not owned b us.

For this, I’m trying to set up an Outbound Route to match anything with an external CID and get it to force the route CID (Override Extension is set to Yes) to an internal CID. In theory this would apply only to blind transfers as this is the only case where the CID on an outbound call would be a full CID and not an extension.

I know that it’s definitely hitting the Inbound Route - tested with a Pin Set (prompts for pin as expected), setting specific CID’s in dial patterns CallerID field and testing etc.

I also know that once passing through the Outbound Route, it is still hitting the Trunk with the original callers external CID, because if I select block Foreign CIDs (so that it forces the Trunk CID), that then works as expected.

Setting the Block Foreign CIDs setting is somewhat of a solution for now, but it limits us to just one CID, and we’d ideally like different ones set based on location of incoming call etc.

What I’d like to know is if I’m missing anything obvious, or if this behavior, where a blind transfer is definitely hitting the Outbound Route, where other things such as PIN sets etc are working, but the Override Extension CID setting is not, is expected behavior?

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