Outbound route and trunk language

I am completely new to FreePBX. For the past few years I have been using a Hosted PBX which i would configure through the web browser, a bit like FreePBX but less advanced. Because of the high (per minute charge!!!) charge to my CC every month, I have decided to give setting up my own PBX on my own server pc a shot. To my great surprise all was MUCH easier than i thought and I got almost everything working (without making any adaptations in the script, just the FreePBX modules). I think this is one of the greatest pieces of free software around for dummies like me.

There are two important things that I had configured on my hosted PBX that i can’t seem to find on the freePBX configuration page (along with 2000 things that this software can do more!!! of course). I am sure there is a way to get these features so I am kindly asking if some of you pros could help me setting these up!

  • To be able to configure the extension for which an OUTBOUND ROUTE is valid.

  • Secondly, i would like to know whether it is possible to configure the language to be used for a TRUNK. So when i am called on a trunk which is set up to receive calls on an American DID people hear all messages (e.g. from the privacy manager) in english. Conversely, when called on a Dutch number routed to a second TRUNK, they would hear the privacy manager in dutch.

I hope someone can help me with some step by step assistance. I am not a slow learner or anything but well, you have to start somewhere, right!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help!