Outbound proxy parameter settings

Hello all,
I’ll be really glad if anyone explains me meanings of Outbound Proxy parameters ;lr and ;hide.
What it is doing and what is their purpose?

I had problems with making outbound calls to my provider - Everytime I got 487 Request terminated.

So I modify Outbound proxy from sip:<IP_given_by_provider> to sip:<IP_given_by_provider>;lr;hide

The result was the route headder Route: <sip:calee_number@domain_of_provider:5060> in INVITE dissapeard and everything starts work just fine.

But why? Am I enable loose routing by that or disabled it?
And for what is ;hide?

I tried google it but I just found advices like “Just do it, it will works”

Many thanks for explanations


Enables SIP loose routing where the request URI is not altered. It is generally needed.


Is a special parameter used within PJSIP to tell it to not place a Route header within the SIP INVITE.

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