Outbound issue spa122 / freepbx 2.11

Hi all. In the process of installing the cisco spa122 into our freepbx box. Have got it connected to our network fine. Have got a registed message under voip menu. When i dial my mobile it wont dial. Says phone disconnected. It appears in fop2 that i have dialled a number but no connection.

Current setup
Dhcp is server 2008
Dhcp disabled on nbn router
Have set spa122 to bridge mode
Ethernet cable in internet port connected to a switch
Proxy set to local ip address of freepbx
Name set to Matt C
User is my extension number
Passsord is my secret code in extensions.

We have 60 odd voip phones connected and have tried multiple user and secrets but still no luck.
Connect phone line back into nbn router phone socket and works straight away.

Any help would be much appreciated as to what i need to do.
Thanks. Matt