Outbound faxing from Asterisk (not passthrough) over SIP trunk - is T.38 useful?

Hi! Thanks for looking at my post.

I’ve setup many customer FreePBX systems with outbound faxing over PRI’s (using yajhfc, Hylafax+ and iaxmodem). I now have a customer that would like this same setup but they have a SIP trunk instead of a PRI. The SIP trunk from Asterisk 16 (FreePBX 15) is terminated at an on-premise Cisco IAD (which then has it’s own redundant SIP trunking back to the SIP provider’s network).

If I am dealing with sending faxes from Asterisk (not from a fax machine), is T.38 useful between the Asterisk box and the Cisco IAD which are both on the same network? And if so, how do I enable the T.38 transmission? I am open to using the Sangoma Commercial Fax module if it adds value (but I like the yajhfc print driver interface to Hylafax+).

If I want to hookup a physical fax machine using an ATA, I realize that there is an option in the SIP settings to do T.38 passthrough.

I’d certainly appreciate anyone willing to set me on the right course.

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