Outbound fax functionality in 6.12.65-22 without FaxPro?

In version 5 this was in the User Panel, but I’m not seeing any interface to the fax system in the new UCP like their was in the old system. Is Fax Pro now a requirement for the outbound faxing interface to be accessible?

Fax Pro was always required to do outbound faxing in ARI just like UCP. Nothing new

I am misremembering then. Order placed. Thank you.

Okay, ordered, showed up in License Admin on the install, but nothing fax-related showed in the UCP and the additional options for fax config didn’t show in Extensions.

I figured it out, but just in case anyone else ends up here: Once the license shows in License Admin, go to Module Admin, check online, and then find in the list and install the module you purchased.

Off to the races now at 14,400 kbaud. Thanks for the quick reply!