Outbound Dial Prefix setting on Trunk lost on any change

I have noticed, since it has bitten me a couple of times now that when I set a non-numeric value (in this case a “w” for a pause before dialing) in the Outbound dial Prefix in the Trunk section that while it is applied, it is never displayed on the page and is lost on any following changes to the trunk.

We have a number of POTS lines and some have longer setup times for some reason (‘normal’ according to AT&T) so we need the pause in order to get reliable outbound dialing.

While we don’t make a lot of changes at the trunk level, it does seem like this is a bit of a but that should be addressed somewhere along the way.


For proper consideration please submit a bug in our issue tracker at http://issues.freepbx.org/ Please note all bugs, improvements, and feature requests must come through a bug report. If you also have a resolution or code for a new feature code can be submitted by way of patch or pull request on github. Please note to submit code you must complete a code submission agreement. All github pull requests should reference an active ticket.

I have 2 FreePBX 2.11 systems with a ‘w’ prefix on dahdi trunks, and I don’t have this problem.

It does this on my test box. I can’t say why because on a quick code review there is no reason it shouldn’t work

Thanks for the link. I have filed this as a bug in the tracker.

We are on 12.0.7, perhaps something that changed between version introduced this.

And to clarify, I have only seen this when done as an entry in the “Outbound Dial Prefix” box and not when
added as a prefix in the Dialing Manipulation Rules.

I was actually happy to find it broken out as a global option as it removes the need to add it to separate rules.