Outbound dial patterns

is there a universal outbound dial pattern to accept any phone number? i can receive inbound calls, but outbound is met with silence. (after hitting send on an IP phone, or dialing regular via a analog FXS line from the rest of the house.)
I am using a analog FXO for connection to my POTS phone line.
I have (supposedly) attached an export (CSV) of the dial paterns i am using.


I added a w in the outbound dial prefix (in Trunk config, under the dialed number manipulation rules, and it seems to work now.
the IP phones dial right through, though there is quite a delay when dialing outbound from a FXS analog extension. just checked, and there is a delay when dialing within the local system (to a local chan_sip extension).


still a little curious about the reason for the delay when dialing outbound from an analog phone on an FXS port, when the IP phones dial right out. i thought i attached a dial patterns export (CSV) file, but it seems to have not shown up.

currently, i have only one outbound route, and trunk channel, but i plan to add a second one at some point. this is only an experimental setup right now, so i can learn. so no risk of messing up a production phone system.


I don’t think you can attach here files other than image formats or tgz.

IP phones have a send/dial button, or you can use the # key to send the call. Or you can set the dial timeout.

How long of a delay do you have on the analog phone?

Also, dial patterns on the PBX does not cause delays, if there’s a matching pattern you can proceed to the Trunk, if not it’ll try another route or error out.

the delay is about 15 seconds. i will look into the dial timeout.


Forgive me, but i can’t seem to remember where to find the Dial Timeout setting. i found it once, but now it eludes me.
FreePBX (official distro install)


The dial timeout is not in FreePBX. It’s in your phone. It decides when to send the dialed number to your PBX.

…Hmmm, perhaps that is why i couldn’t find it in FreePBX Admin. :wink:
Thank you!


With a plain old POTS phone, the “inter-digit timeout” determines how long the connection waits before firing off a call unless a given dial-pattern is matched (in your DAHDI config, IIRC). If your extension is set up for it, you can add an “immediate dial” option (usually a “#”) to dial the phone immediately. Other POTS phones will emulate a SIP phone by letting your “stage” a number and then, when you pick up the phone, it will immediately dial it.

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