Outbound conference initiator - newbie request for assistance from the community

I was sure i’d get a good answer from gemini/copilot/openai/gpt3/gpt4 etc… but no luck… this is what i asked them for:
guide in detailed steps on how to configure freepbx with the following goal: i want to be able to pick up the phone or call from outside to this number (with a pin code) and call extension number 2500, this in turn will add me to a conference call and in the same time do 6 outgoing calls to 6 external numbers 1230000001, 123000002, 123000003, 123000004, 123000005, 1230000006 , and as soon as the calls are made even before they are answered, add all of the to the conference call that i am in. make the guide relevant to version

as the team leader of a project group, i’m kind of sick of the team members being late for conference calls, and having all of us wait till they call the regular conference number. i want a number i call, and the system call them all and adds them to the conference when i want them to be in it.

if some one doesn’t answer. the system will try 4 more times to call their number, if by then the are un available. forget that number.

Thanks in advance to all community memebers for your help!

It is possible with manual programming within Asterisk and outside of FreePBX but…

You’re trying to solve a people problem with technology. While it may be possible to manually program that, your members can still ignore the call the system initiates. Human communication skills with possible consequences for late participants would be better in this case.

Calendar/Email reminders might be more appropriate.

As i’m a newbie to this - would be greatful for some guiding and maybe some implemetation steps to make it happen.

I spoke with the team, and they are all in for this solution. they dont have to be bothered with keeping tabs of conferences and schdulling… so its a quick win for all. so as for Human communication skills - i hit the sweet spot!

anyone? :slight_smile:

I would set up a script that creates then moves a bunch of ‘call-files’ to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing and create a custom extension that calls that script.

@dicko - as i stated in the begining… your saying things i dont understand.
unfortunatly for me i have no coding skills but it do know how to follow guides…
thats why a asked for a step by step “stupid proof” guided help :slight_smile:

Given your admitted skill level, perhaps consider hiring a ‘consultant’

Not sure that this exists or will ever exist because of the problem you are trying to solve in the way you are trying to solve it so you are really asking somebody to provide you with something that takes time and skill to accomplish. You may need to look to hire somebody to get this implemented for you if it’s beyond your skill level.

I’d use Microsoft Teams. When you start the meeting you can click “Request to join” (calls out to them) next to each tardy participant.