Outbound CID Not Displaying - Private/Wrong Number


I’ve got an installation of FreePBX with VOIP.MS as the provider. I can make outbound calls and inbound calls… but the outgoing caller ID is not working.

I can set the CID on VOIP.ms and it will display, but if I set it on the TRUNK, or the ROUTE, or the EXTENSION… it doesn’t work. When I look at the details of the call, it shows this as the outgoing CID:

“8001234567” <102556_account>

where 8001234567=the number I put on the extension as <8001234567>
and where 102556_account = my VOIP.ms account name.

On the phone receiving the phone call, it shows up as a private number.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. I’ve been beating my head on this one…

Hey everyone, I’ve been working at this for a couple days and FINALLY found a solution.

The problem is with the PEER Details that VOIP.ms gives you. They tell you to add a line called “fromuser:…” — DELETE THIS LINE IN FREEPBX!

That solved all my problems. Dang voip.ms

I have this EXACT same problem. If I manually try dialing with a phone extension everything works fine and the proper CID is passed to the called number. However if I try and initiate a call through a dialplan context I get the same issue. The number constantly shows up as coming from texas with a 214 area code, but I’m in NJ in 973! I tried removing the fromuser line as well but it hasn’t helped me. I still have the same issue. :frowning:


You might have already tried this, but do you have a CID set up in the TRUNK? or the ROUTE?

Also… if you’re using Voip.ms you might need to do Premium, not value. On your config page on voip.ms you have the option of like 0.015/min or 0.018/min for premium. Choose premium. I learned from their live chat that premium passes CID better.

Thanks for the reply 1&6. I actually have the CID defined on both trunk and extension and tried forcing overrides as well, nothing worked. HOWEVER, I DO currently have voip.ms set to use the “value” routes and not “premium”. I’ll try changing that and see if that works and report back. Never have these issues with my Vitelity trunks! :wink:


Ok, I changed both the main acct and sub acct from value to premium and it made no difference. I still got the incorrect CID. SO instead I just set the CID on the sub account in the voip.ms panel and let them send it and it works fine. Not sure why my callflow isn’t sending the right CID, but calling from an extension DOES, even if I force the use of trunk or ext CID. Either way it’s doing what I want this way so that’s what matters. :wink: Thanks for the responses all!