Outbound CID Ignored for Followme & Custom Extensions

Freepbx – Asterisk – DAHDI Trunks – T1/PRI

Been testing this one for a while, finally found the issue. When I try to have a Follow me or a custom extension try to send a call out to a an external number, the carrier is rejecting the call because the CID that it receives is the CID of the extension making the call not a real DID in their switch. I was able to trace this with the following tests :

Added 5615551212 to Followme, call does not complete get back DAHDI error code 16.

Created extension –


And the call goes through.

I was also able to change the ASTDB record for the extension dialing out to be the 561REALNUM and the call completes.

CLI>database put AMPUSER/7999 cidnum 561REALNUM

I have the trunks and the outbound cid and routes cid set with <561REALNUM> but since it appears that dialparties.agi handles the call out, it appears that its not picking up the settings in those fields.

Help?! :slight_smile: