Outbound Calls to disconnected lines "we're sorry your call did not go through"

Our system is working fine, can make inbound and outbound calls just fine. However when we call a number that’s been disconnected or no longer in service we don’t get any kind of message, just silence.

An employee was explaining that the phones don’t work because some numbers are just silence, well when I call from my cell phone I get the “we’re sorry your call did not go through” type message. Is there anyway to change outbound routes / trunk settings to let callers know the number they are calling is disconnected? is this a VOIP provider issue? I am using flowroute as our provider.

BTW: 309-755-7700 is currently disconnected… :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info,

Can you post your logs of the SIP reply from the provider ?

They might be sending back some sort of cause code.

My guess would be a SIP trunking provider issue. They need to talk back to your FreePBX to provide this, right? When I tested on my (rather vanilla) FreePBX I received the automated recording back when I called that test number.

I’d start in the /var/log/asterisk/full log and see what the provider is actually passing back. It’s possible that their response is getting man-handled by the server, or they could be passing back a code that Asterisk doesn’t play back a response for.

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