Outbound calls to cell phone - how to adjust the name of the person that shows up

I am a new user of FreePBX.

We had the system installed for us and it works fine.

When a person calls my extensions, I also, at the same time, have Asterisk call my cell phone.

Besides it working great the only downside of how it is set up is that when Asterisk calls my cell phone, it displays the name of the person calling me.

The display does not let me know if the call is coming form Asterisk, or from a personal friend.

Is there a way to add on to the beginning of the persons name a little 2-3 letter code indicating that this call has passed through Asterisk? This way, I would be able to respond to the call in a personal manner, or a professional manner.

Thanks for any ideas or pointing me in the right direction.


The problem is you can not modify the NAME portion of the CID with Asterisk on outbound calls. You can modify the NUMBER portion of the caller id if your voip provider supports it. This of course is how I “understand” it and I am by no means an expert. This of course is also in the US not sure if other countries it may be possible.

I use followme and set the CID to a specific phone number which sucks as I don’t know who is calling me other than Asterisk is calling but not the number of the actual person. So I force the number to something like 6615551212 so when that number shows up on my cell phone I know its a company call.

I wish I new a better way without hacking. I find that if I put a 5 in front of a number like this.

56615551212 it shows up on my cell as “011 56615551212” which is fine but there is no way to make that happen at least using the followme method I am currently using. I would love to be able to set that initial 5 to a few other numbers so that I could tell different things about the call as well. This again is going to set the name of the caller to blank as that information is not passed via normal callerid but rather looked up in a CNAME type system that asterisk cant normally interface with.

Again all from what I “understand” and again I am not an expert!

Using VMX locate, you only get the Asterisk DID, not the caller ID from the incoming caller…