Outbound Calls on an ISDN30 PRI system


Please forgive me if I miss anything out. It is my first time building a FreePBX phone system and need a little help.

I have the basic system up and running but am having trouble getting the outbound calls working onto our ISDN30.

What I have done so far:

Have three internal numbers that route properly and I can make calls between them.
Have inbound calls coming in from the ISDN and routing to one of the phones so you can take incoming calls.

ISDN details.
ISDN30 (10 channels active) BT told me it is channels 1-10 with 16 as the signal.
my dahdi-channel.conf file looks like this:

; Span 1: WCT1/0 “Digium Wildcard TE110P T1/E1 Card 0” (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4
switchtype = euroisdn
signalling = pri_cpe
channel = 1-10
context = default
group = 63

I have an outbound route set that pushes to the Trunk at 0
The trunk is just set to pick the dahdi id g0

So if I make a call I get the following: A short pause and then the BT lady saying “The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please check and try again” When I check the logs It shows that the call is logged as no answer.

At first I thought it was because we may need to have an international code or something like that, but I have tried mobile numbers, international numbers, local numbers etc. Framed from everything from 004401**** to just a simple local 7 digit number.

Am I just missing something simple?

You need to change the context to from-trunk.

I will give this a go… Thanks so much

I now get all circuits are busy. And the logs state failed and the channel has changed from SIP/222-00000001 to SIP/338-00000005

Should I have created another list and split the channels over the from-PSTN and from-trunk? giving 5 channels for incoming and 5 for outgoing?