Outbound Calls Not Going Through

I’m having an outbound issue that I’m unable to resolve. I’m using a Momentum Telecom trunk with outbound authentication and all calls placed from the test extension go to an All Circuits Busy message followed by a Busy signal.

The PBX server is remote. I’ve mirrored a server locally with the SIP trunk information and inbound / outbound works fine. I believe both servers have exactly the same settings but the remote server is behind a Netgate firewall. I did configure the firewall for the suggested settings from Momentum. Also, Inbound does work at the remote site.

I’ve posted a log of an example outbound attempt from the remote server:


Any help would be most appreciated.

The log shows that Asterisk did not even attempt to dial out on the trunk. There are usually three likely possibilities:

  1. The selected Outbound Route “Outbound_DBB” does not have the trunk listed in “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes”.

  2. The trunk is using registration and the registration is failing. pjsip logger or sngrep will show you whether REGISTER requests are being sent and what responses, if any, are being received.

  3. The trunk is using qualify and there is no response to the OPTIONS requests being sent. In your case, this seems unlikely; the beginning of your log shows a successful response to OPTIONS.

In Reports -> Asterisk Info, what do you see for the trunk under Peers and under Registries? Does the Asterisk log have entries showing the trunk as reachable or unreachable?

I couldn’t find any decision point in the dialplan, which makes me feel it is simply falling through to default dialplan because no “extension” (Asterisk sense) matches. As such I think (1) is the most likely cause. However I’m not familiar with how FreePBX’s normal case processing would look in the log.

Stewart1 & david55,

Can we just look over the fact that I had the drop-down unpopulated and the trunk disabled? Haha. Been a long week fellas. I appreciate it and I’m all good now.

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