Outbound Calls - No Audio

I have setup my devices & users, trunks, inbound & outbound routes. So far everything is working except for outbound call audio. Inbound call 2 way communication is good, but outbound I cannot hear or be heard. I followed the instructions here, http://nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=201, Section - Getting Rid of OneWay Audio. I have a static ip, after making the changes to sip_custom.conf I noticed a error message in the System Admin / Network Settings that stated to remove the settings I made to sip_custom.conf. So I removed the settings and the error is gone but im not sure where to look for advice to fix the outbound audio issue. Im thinking any advice I find on the regular forum section may not relate to this distro as it seems to have all the settings built right into the GUI. Any ideas are much appreciated. Its prob something simple im missing here. Thanks!

  1. Double check your Trunk settings. If inbound calls work, but outbound calls don’t, that could be the problem. Are you using Callcentric? If so, they have some special additions you have to make to get calls working properly. Read their FAQ pages.

  2. Try a different VOIP provider.

  3. Try setting your PBX as a DMZ behind your router, reboot, and see if the problem still happens. If the problem still happens, then your SIP settings and NAT aren’t the problem.

  4. Try your machine at a different location to rule out ISP issues.

  5. Try connecting a media gateway (You can get an Obi 110 and use it as an FXO port for about $50) on your local network and try to make calls using it.

One of these will likely lead you to the correct answer.

Thanks, I just checked the nat settings are correct. All the settings are the same as the Elastix PBX server im replacing with this new FreePBX distro server. When I switch back to the old Elastix machine, inbound and outbound audio works both ways. On the new FreePBX server, inbound audio works 2-way but outbound calls have no audio at all. Now I can make a outbound call, I dont hear ringing in the handset though. Any other ideas? Thanks!!!

Look under Tools - Asterisk SIP settings - Check the NAT entries are correct - That might solve your problem.


One way audio is always related to a network problem if you have Sip Settings Module setup for NAT.

Are your phones on the same subnet as the PBX?

Guys I apologize for no response and thank u for your help. Tony was able to correct my settings through the paid support. It seems I did not have the trunk settings in freepbx correct so they weren’t registering. Thanks Tony!

I’m having the same problem with audio in the new distro download. What were the trunk settings that corrected this problem. Thanks in advance!

I had a server working well but the drive was failing so I set up a new install using Distro download and VMWare. I changed the firewall to use the new IP but do not get any outbound audio like everyone else.

Be nice to know what you changed to make it work?