Outbound calls (faxes) - assign to certain trunk lines

I’m in need of help with how to configure extensions (all in ring group 600) to only use certain outbound trunks when calling outbound numbers. (these are fax lines).

Currently the configuration is that it is using non-copper wires (SIP) to dial fax numbers and we need any outbound calls from faxes to go out via the POTS lines. Any help would be much appreciated.

(Note: i’m not a telcom guy, nor IT, i’m a nurse running a volunteer healthcare company; therefore, any step-by-step directions you may offer would be VERY appreciated).


Lee Taylor-Vaughan.

For specific instructions, we need more information. Specifically, we need to know the product you are using and the version numbers of the system.

To start, you are going to need to set up a “trunk” that points at only your copper lines.

Next, look on the “Outbound Routes” tab under the “Connectivity” tab. Add a new outbound route (call if "Fax Lines). Set up the outbound dialing section as normal, but include the extension numbers in the fourth field in the “Selection” rules section. This will identify the outbound number you specify (probably “NXXNXXXXXX” or “1NXXNXXXXXX”) and associate this outbound route with the dialing extension.

Make this outbound route higher priority than your “default” outbound route.

I understand that that’s probably a daunting set of instructions if you’re not used to working with the system, but it’s really scarier than it is hard to understand. You’re smart - keep at it.