Outbound calls drop at 6 seconds

Outbound calls drop at 6 seconds, I do not where to start troubleshooting. It was working great last week, the only thing I did was update modules.Asterisk Log File

Drop at 6 seconds is a signalling failure, and most likely related to NAT misconfig. Ensure your external IP address and other NAT settings are correct in Asterisk SIP Settings.

I use DynDNS & I noticed today that my IP is not the same as it’s been. My log file for the Dyn Updater on my PC show’s-
No response from nameserver 2XX.1XX.36.36
Issues reaching RDNS servers, not setting RDNS.
DNS reset on Intel® Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V
Problem is I do not know how to verify if that’s the problem?
Sorry, I’m a Plumber trying to run my own voip server…
Is there another way besides using DynDNS since I do not have a static IP from Spectrum?

That would do it. If you are using DynDNS, you need to use your dynamic FQDN and put up with the failures when the address changes. Also, you need to make sure you are using PJ-SIP for the connection. There are options in the SIP Settings you need to make sure are set correctly for a dynamic host address to work.

The Dyn updater has successfully updated my DynDns host so I guess the IP is correct? Everything has been set up to work with dynamic ip in FreePBX and has been working for almost 2 years now. I don’t know where else to look to find problem.
Not using PJ-Sip, why should I change?

Found the problem, it was the local IP in Sip settings, I had changed some ports on my Unifi switch and didn’t know about that setting in FreePBX.
Thanks Guys!

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