Outbound Calls - Audio Stops After About 15 Minutes (900 Seconds)

Hello all,

Got a strange problem that seems to have started recently and am not sure where the problem may lie.

The problem is this. All outbound calls will have audio problems after approximately 15 minutes. The call works perfectly fine up until this period - then all audio in both directions stops. The call still continues like we are connected.

The logs in FreePBX simply show where the call was answered - and then 15 minutes later, show the ‘hangupcall’ when I hung up because of the audio problems. Nothing else between there that would indicate a problem.

I have DID numbers through a provider. Any incoming calls go through their systems and into my PBX. There are zero problems with calls here. I can talk for 30+ minutes with no problem.

My outbound provider is then through DIDLogic. They had me add a couple of things yesterday about canreinvite=no and session-timer=no. That hasn’t made any problem.

So based on that description, would anyone believe there is a problem with my PBX system or would it lie on the side of DIDLogic?

Thank you!

Brian S.

Most likely a nat issue with your router.

But nothing has changed at all with the router for at least 6+ months. There is a proper forward rule set in place and the configuration on FreePBX has been left the same as well.

Maybe DIDLogic changed something, I agree with Alan, it is the routing between your box and their server not maintaining rtp connections and you might need to “re-program” your router to suit.

Appreciate the reply.

If the router simply is set to forward all UDP 5060 to that FreePBX machine, I cannot see what else is needed.

I also have a UDP port range of 10,000 to 20,000 open and pointing to the PBX.

You also need your router to maintain any connection in the your udp 10000-20000 range (you need 5000 concurrent calls?) for an unlimited period without messing with it. Maybe someone with the same router (you neglected to mention that critical bit of info) and VSP can be more specific, but I will still put my money on your router being mis-configured.

Yep, ports 10000 through 20000 UDP are opened and pointing to the PBX box.

I am using a generic Linksys WRT54G router with the DD-WRT v24-sp2 firmware loaded on it.

DIDLogic must have changed something recently - because zero changes have been made to the router in a long time. But it takes days before their support responds and the items that I changed at their request didn’t make a difference.

Your problem is not that you have redirected 10000 ports, it that someone somewhere is closing the connection after 15 minutes, it is neither FreePBX nor Asterisk, I would further trouble shoot with your two providers DD-WRT and DIDLogic.