Outbound CallerID Changed to "+1 (1) 01"

Previously our outbound caller ID was set on the trunk and worked perfectly. No settings have changed on the trunk in the years we have been running FreePBX. Out of nowhere the CID on outbound calls is now displaying as “+1 (1) 01”. We haven’t changed anything. Is this a bug from an update or a configuration error on our end? How can I correct the outbound trunk CID to show our mainline phone number again? Thank you.

What does it say in your freePBX trunk settings, Outbound CallerID? Is it possible that your trunk provider changed something?

We use Flowroute. I didn’t see any settings or changes in their portal. A redacted image of truck settings is below. These worked for the last several years until the last few days.

I just found this, but it doesn’t really help…does it?

In my country, Austria Europe, the provider determines the outbound CallerID. You are not allowed to change it…but this might be different in the US.

Please post a call log of an outbound call with this issue.

I am not confident I did correctly what you asked for. I apologize if this isn’t correct.

What about this setting?

That is set to our business name and has always been set. However, the issue is that the number is coming across totally wrong, not just the CID Name.

I can see the trunk setting a caller ID but since you’re reporting the call as coming from your extension number there is something incorrect. Try setting a caller ID on the extension making the call instead of relying on the trunk.

That fixed it… Thank you for your help!

Did something change in the codebase? It is not a huge deal, but this means I need to manually set the CID for every extension instead of using the trunk override.

Try setting the caller ID in the outbound route and set it to override. That way you can do it once in the outbound route instead of doing it for each extension.

Got it. Thank you so much for the help.

There may be something here that Sangoma is taking a look at:

I spoke with @lgaetz briefly - I reproduced this myself with a caller id set at the trunk level but not the outbound route … calls failed until setting it on the outbound route regardless of it being present on the trunk

suggestion at this time was to roll back core on minor version , or you can try to add the callerid at the outbound route level as I did

That’s what already solved it here for OP. Thanks @dolesec for confirming.

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