Outbound Caller Name on Stores Phone changes to the Stores DID, causing the call history to be confusing

When the store calls outbound to any number, the caller id name changes to the stores DID. I don’t know where this behavior is coming from in my config. The CID name should just be the same as the outbound number that was called.

When you look at the call history on the phone, all you see for outbound calls is the store number. If you click into any of those, the number that was dialed is correct. But this is very confusing if I’m trying to find a number that was called earlier.

Where can I look in freepbx to track this behavior? What function is doing this?

You’ve referred to “the store” without explaining how it fits into your network.

I’m also not entirely clear what the difference is between “the store[']s DID” and “the store number”.

You seem to be assuming too much local knowledge.

It is because when a call goes out the trunk, the connectedline informartion is updated to show the outbound CID name/number used for the call. This is what appears on the phones screen.

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