Outbound Caller ID

Hi All …

I’ve implemented some code to update the outbound caller id for attended transfers based on the originating inbound caller. The problem I’m having is when I set the caller ID to a DID I get a message when dialing that says to enter the password. If I use a toll-free number this doesn’t happen and the call goes out correctly.

I thought maybe this was a DISA thing, but I have uninstalled that module.

Any thoughts? Code is below.



Prompts to enter password

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Why don’t you simply use Unattended transfer? If you attach some logs during the transfer it´d be easier to help you.

Thank you for responding!

We are transferring calls to a third party company who uses the phone number but requires the consult first.

Which logs would be helpful? Should I attach everything after the AGI call?

Have you added any pin-set restrictions on your outbound route that checks CID 8502222222?

No, I sure haven’t. I checked on that but no luck. And the probably exists for any DID that I use. It works fine for toll-free which is strange to me.

Then who exactly is asking for a password? post a log of a suspect call

You nailed it Dicko. I have 2 carriers, one works and one doesn’t. I can now force my calls over the carrier that works and work with the other to figure it out later.

Thanks for your help!!