Outbound caller id

Hello freepbx community,
i’stucked with a problem of outbound caller id.

Freepbx installed with 2 isdn NT from local provider.
We have 10 incoming numbers, each inbound route pointing on the right phone. works fine!
But with outgoing calls, only the ndg (the main number) is shown on the calle phone.
I would like to present each number of the range in outgoing calls.
The provider told me it’s configured on the NT to allow this, but i can’t configure it in my pbx.
I’ve tried several outbound cid conf but nothing succeeded.
Can someone help me?

ps: english is not my mothertoungue perharps i’m not using the right terms

If your carrier is allowing your PBX to “send” CID, it should be easy to set up… but there are three different levels to control outbound CID:
Outbound Route
… and each overrides the other unless set not to. That would be; Extension CID overrides Outbound Route CID and Outbound Route CID overrides Trunk CID. If you want each extension to send its own CID (probably matching its DID?) then I would recommend that you turn off CID on your trunks and outbound routes (just set the fields to blank) and set the individual extensions to send the number you want for each. Remember to use the format “Text Name” in the appropriate field.

I hope that helps!

“Text Name”

got caught by the html there.

thanks for your reply
but it doesn’t works
perhaps i dont present the number the right way
i’ve filled in the outbound CID field:
<+3210xxxxxx> blank in trunk and outbound route
i’ve tested several other presentation <010xxxxxx> or <0032xxx> even <10xxxxxx> also with “name”

Does your provider allow it?


Try putting just the number, without any square brackets or text and see what happens.


nothing works :frowning:
i’ll check with provider again