Outbound Caller ID with Name - shows as Private Number

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.8-2008-1.sng7
PRI on Vega
Outbound caller ID and Name on the PRI trunk works as expected for all outbound calls.
For extensions and FAX numbers using the caller ID override at the extension level, if I put in just the number the number shows fine on the called phone.
If I add the caller name the number shows up as Private Number on cells and Anonymous on land lines.
What am I doing wrong.

Your PRI doesn’t accept anything except the number so it is screwing up the CID you think you are sending.

Outbound Caller ID name is not transmitted out on PRI/POTS.
Outbound Caller ID name can be transmitted on SIP.

Inbound Caller ID name is not accepted by any cellular network.
Inbound Caller ID name is not accepted by any ILEC nor CLEC providing “phone service”
Inbound Caller ID name is only sometimes accepted by SIP providers.

Ever single provider wants to change you for doing CID name lookups on every call they deliver to you. Why would they ever accept an inbound CID name. Let alone the fraud implications.

The PRI works and shows the Caller Name and phone number set on the trunk

What country are you in?

Did you format the Outbound CID for the extension correctly? The quotes and brackets are important.
For example:
"John Doe" <2125551212>
or your carrier may require
"John Doe" <12125551212>
or possibly
"John Doe" <+12125551212>
Some carriers will not allow you to send a number that you don’t have with them, or that is not yours.

United States, Michigan, Comcast EDI PRI
Will try the methods shown and let you know

@sorvani 's description for US is quite accurate. However, Comcast should allow you to set a name, often called ‘CNAM storage’, for each DID on your system. This may be available on their portal or you may have to contact your account rep. Then, by supplying an outbound caller ID number for the appropriate DID on a call, the corresponding name should be displayed to a called party using a landline or VoIP phone. When calling a mobile, if the number is in the called user’s Contacts, the contact name will be displayed, overriding anything the carrier sends. If no contact is matched, the name sent by the carrier should be displayed. Some MVNOs don’t send names.

This is simply updating Comcast’s CNAM DB with the data you want displayed to any Comcast phone customer. It does not directly affect things outside the Comcast network. It does not affect cell phones.

In theory, Comcast does update public CNAM records with what you set there. So eventually other carrier’s systems will update to that.

Been awhile since I set this up. You are right I have to set it up with Comcast. I had to do this with another extension about a year ago.
Thanks for everyone’s input

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